Sonntag, Juni 21

ghost stories

don't be scared,
I'm right here

I swear I'm right here
we'll be good, I promise

"Do you believe in soulmates?" I ask him as I look upon the city bathed in the light of tonight's moon. He doesn't answer, knows that I don't want him to, because I wouldn't hear him anyway. "I don't know if they exist, but I guess there's someone out there for all of us. Someone who just clicks with who you are, something like a perfect match you know, but not necessarily in a romantic way and if one wants to call that a soulmate then so be it. But isn't that a horrible concept?" I laugh to myself, silently, and shake my head. "It really is horrible, the way you discover a kind of passion, a kind of love, in yourself you never experienced before and while you try not to acknowledge it too much, it's a mortal love. It isn't timeless, because it all comes to an end one day and I guess that's okay, it's the price we have to pay. But then again, would you want to experience a love so strong it might rip you apart any moment, only to lose it again? Is that short period of utter love really worth all the pain that comes from losing it?" I have to suppress another laugh or he might think I turned mad along the way. Maybe I did, but he doesn't have to know that. "You know, when I met him and things started to click into place, I realized that it was too late to back out. It's weird, the way he made me feel, I don't think I ever loved someone as much as him and I doubt I ever will. He made me feel whole, like I had only been a half of something for my entire life without even realizing it, and more than that; he made me feel real. If that's what a soulmate is than I hope everyone finds his and I hope they appreciate it more than I did, because yes, I guess, it really is worth all the pain. You, for sure, were worth all this pain. Tell me, do you think we were soulmates?"

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