Freitag, Dezember 9

thank you very much for listening

I know there's barely any use in posting on this blog for it will only fall on deaf ears, if at all. But it's been nearly exactly five years since I created this blog; I was fifteen and in a rather perculiar place in life and while a lot more happened during these five years than depicted here, I still feel bad for leaving this blog hanging here without an actual end.

I am twenty years old now, in my second year of college and I'm doing fine. I cut ties with those that I recognized to be toxic for me, but I found a bunch of new friends and my relationship to everyone in my family has gotten so much better and while I still have bad days, I'm glad to say that most of the time I'm happy. 

Writing this feels like quite the end, but I guess it is supposed to be one, because this chapter ends here, probably ended a few months ago really, but this is it. I grew up and I will continue growing and if someone will ever read this, please know that there's a way out, one that does not require killing yourself, there is always the choice to live. I made that choice a while ago and I went from there and I made it, let's hope you do to. With all my love: goodbye. 


  1. Ich lese dich. Immer noch. Ich denke an dich. Immer noch. Und es freut mich so sehr, dass du es geschafft hast, N. A. wäre stolz auf dich. Er ist es bestimmt, dort, wo er jetzt ist. keep your head up high
    -Rose (:

    1. Danke dir, das bedeutet mir so unglaublich viel! Ich hoffe es geht dir gut, ich denke an dich.